• Today I must ask myself this: do I not enjoy it because I have the wrong attitude, or do I have the wrong attitude because I don’t enjoy it?

    Considering that not having the right attitude is never really okay, I must consider that my own lack of enjoyment comes from having the wrong attitude. Perhaps having the right attitude will actually help me enjoy it…but even if not, it’s still the right thing to have the right attitude.

    Lord - instill in me a right attitude!

  • littlethingsaboutgod:

    His loverevives
    His hope revives
    His peace revives
    His faithfulness revives
    His power revives


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  • Scholastic was displaying a very strange series of puppets at the Book Fair today…a very strange series of puppets indeed. #i #like

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  • St. Joseph’s Plantation - LA

  • St. Joseph’s Plantation, LA

  • St. Joseph’s Plantation!

  • Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana!

  • 2 of the many reasons I 💜 Fairtrade: there’s always fresh flowers and color on the walls.